We are excited to introduce “QRLab”, a MATLAB-based toolbox designed specifically for the quantum sciences community. QRLab provides an extensive array of tools for quantum information processing and is particularly focused on facilitating a broad spectrum of tasks in quantum resource theory. This powerful toolbox enables researchers to perform detailed simulations and analyses, enhancing their ability to explore and innovate within the field of quantum information processing and quantum resource theory.

Version 0.1 of QRlab offers a comprehensive suite of quantum resource measures, including entanglement, magic, and coherence. Additionally, it provides applications utilizing HPTP maps that require quasi-decomposition, such as error mitigation, virtual recovery, and circuit knitting. The toolbox also includes an algorithm capable of finding sub-optimal solutions for various tasks, such as searching for LOCC protocols and optimizing strategies for CHSH games.

Install QRLab

  1. Download QRLab and QETLAB to your local machine.
  2. Unzip the files of QRLAB and QETLAB in your MATLAB scripts directory and add scripts to MALTAB’s path, through the command
  1. Download and install CVX 2.1. You could download it from here.

Install CVX on Windows

cd yourpath\cvx;cvx_setup;

Install CVX on Linux or a Mac

cd ~/MATLAB/cvx;cvx_setup;

More functions are coming

  1. General Seesaw Algorithm Framework – Allow users to design their own ideas
  2. General Resource Theory Framework – Users may call Robustness(rho,‘ent’), Robustness(rho, ‘coh’)
  3. Extra Solver Support – Yalmip: supports extra 1-2 qubit calculation than SDPT3